We had breakfast this morning and prepared for the exciting day we had planned. It took us an hour to travel to Las Tinejas. We stopped at a gas station along the road and taught a very kind woman all we knew about EE. She appeared to be homeless and struggling with her life but she listened well and was really receptive. After sharing the Gospel, we were able to buy a coral piece of art from her. When we arrived at Las tinejas we went on a muddy and challenging hike with many rocks and slippery paths! When we finally made it to the end it was a blast and everybody had so much fun. They had a rope swing, cliff jumps and a naturally made rock slide.  Afterwards we went to lunch at Kioskos which is a strip of Puerto Rican restaurants right on the beach.  Although it was raining on and off, many of our team had the chance to meet with people on the beach and in restaurants to share their faith!  One group got to speak with a woman (who claimed to be atheist) along with her two kids.  It was awesome to hear about how our team was able to speak truth and deal with hard questions and push back.  God is still working even in the tricky situations. Then we went back to our Airbnb, worshipped, and had dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night.
-Written by Karylnn and Nicolas