We began our morning by meeting at the girls apartment for breakfast and table fellowship. Then we decided we wanted a little taste of home so we went to the Starbucks next door. Next we traveled in our cars to the work site to help build Camilo’s house. Camilo and his wife take care of his grandkids and he has a health condition which allows us to customize his house in which he will move in next week. After a morning of work, we gathered for lunch while the kids made their way to VBS. We had a huge water ballon relay race and everyone got soaked! Right after, the neighborhood kids took turns riding in the buckets and we raced them around and loved to see their exciting smiles! Following this, we grouped together and taught the EE gospel hand motions to all the kids. After we then went to the beach and headed back into old San Juan for some dinner and ice cream with friends.
Grateful and excited for tomorrow!
Written by Jeremiah Critch and Ellie Farrar